Our vision is to empower global participation in securing the decentralized internet.

Alluvial is building the industry standard for enterprise-grade liquid staking, combining the technical and security requirements of institutions with the web3 ethos of community-driven collaboration. Alluvial's liquid staking protocol caters to the needs of enterprises and institutions with KYC/AML checks, enterprise-grade security, and robust monitoring and reporting. Alluvial's liquid staking standard will be governed in a decentralized manner with a broad and dispersed community of industry participants.


Liquid staking is a rapidly growing alternative to locking up user's assets and contributing to the security of proof-of-stake blockchains. Whereas traditional methods of staking are subject to bonding and unbonding periods (ranging from days to weeks), liquid staking provides stakers with increased liquidity and capital efficiency. Token holders stake their token and receive a receipt token as evidence of their ownership. The receipt token can be transferred, stored, traded, and utilized in DeFi or supported dapps.


Liquid staking has been experiencing rapid adoption. In 2022, liquid staking on Ethereum alone grew to represent over 30% of staked ETH. Alluvial expects to see this trend continue as liquid stakers benefit from increased liquidity and capital efficiency, all while contributing to the security of the underlying network.

Our mission is to collectively build the most trusted and secure liquid staking standard.

How do we empower new users, who will bring the next wave of capital, to participate in securing this new decentralized internet? We're building a new type of organization and a new standard for the ecosystem. Our approach requires collaboration across many different parties, each with their own vision, perspective, and interests. What brings everyone together to participate in this audacious effort?


“Clear, meaningful purpose and compelling ethical principles evoked from and shared by all participants should be the essence of every institution.”

—Dee Hock, One From Many

Alluvial's values


Shared values unite and inspire us. Our core values are our pillars: the foundation of how we manage ourselves, our colleagues, and working relationships with our partners.


Our extended values, at the intersection of our core values, inspire how we build together collectively.


Matt Leisinger
Matt Leisinger
Co-founder & CEO
“At Figment I learned that we need to build web3 by collaborating with communities to build the primitives that will power the next generation of applications. We now have the opportunity to link institutional capital with experienced teams to secure the foundation of liquid staking while supporting the founding principles of proof of stake.”
Nicolas Maurice
Nicolas Maurice
Co-founder & CTO
"I spent the past six years building in the blockchain space, in particular at ConsenSys then Kiln where I contributed projects at every layer of the Ethereum protocol, partnering with institutions such as JPMorgan. By focusing on core protocol security and institutional needs at Alluvial, we can support institutions in staking while driving decentralization of the validation power and bringing a healthy competition to the staking ecosystem."
Mike Taormina
Mike Taormina
Co-founder & COO
“The core thesis of my Institutional Business efforts at Index Cooperative was that institutions simply have different needs and requirements in order to participate in the DeFi ecosystem. The same is true with respect to liquid staking. Liquid staking is more flexible and opens the door to more growth opportunities than alternative methods of staking. But the market needs a liquid staking standard that will meet enterprise needs to spur meaningful institutional participation.”

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