Alluvial Enerprise API

Enterprise APIs

Our mission is to collectively build the most trusted and secure liquid staking standard. We aim to increase adoption of liquid staking by providing a feature set that allows the next generation of stakers to participate in the security of proof of stake blockchains and earn network rewards while maintaining liquidity.

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Easy integration

Alluvial APIs provide easy on-ramps into liquid staking with the Liquid Collective protocol for enterprises and leading businesses.

liquid staking

Add support for liquid staking via the Liquid Collective protocol to your platform within weeks.

network rewards

Generate network reward revenue without having to build a liquid staking solution in-house.

Alluvial APIs

Access onboarding, reporting, and accounting services through Alluvial's APIs.

Meeting enterprise needs

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Expert support

“My role as a SA at Alluvial is working with customers to uncover what they need to solve from a technology perspective that maps to their business... I then help them integrate the Alluvial APIs and Liquid Collective protocol parts into their technology stack so that they can then go and use the protocol, and have their customers experience it within their platform.”

Josh Siverson

Josh Siverson, Solutions Architect at Alluvial